Which are the best cars in CSR Racing 2? Let’s discover!

I think that it’s time to start translating into English my most popoular articles. Let’s start with the most successful one, in which i will tell you which are the must-have cars in CSR Racing 2:

Best car in Tier 1 is without any doubt the Toyoya 86. Its light, fast and zippy, but most importantly is cheap and easy to upgrade. If you wait, and you upgrade it well, you can steal boss’ widebody GT86. If you can’t wait, and you have a credit card, you can use an A45 AMG to win pratically every T1 race.

Best car in Tier 2 is the Subaru WRX, not only because i am a Subie guy, but also because its really fast, it can leave behind way more expensive cars. If you like more bimmers, no problem, you can drive the looking-too-much-normal M235i. Both can give you Ashley’s CLA AMG if you wait a bit.

Best car in Tier 3 is obviously the BMW M4, because it takes only two six-stadium to beat boss’ Mustang, as happened to me. I also love the design, the fact that it fits pratically in every colour, but its more important to have a fast car than a beautiful one. And M4 is both.

In Tier 4, you can see players using the Nissan GT-R, the Nissan GT-R or the Nissan GT-R. Did i forgot to mention Nissan GT-R? It looks like more a rocket than a car, and this is good, but it even better the fact that it is cheap, and easy to upgrade, and she can also help you so much to win that Jaag. The Vanquish is a very stilish car, but no, just no. You can’t go far with that.

Saying wich is the best Tier 5 car is pointless. There are so many, and they are all expensive, and the easiest way to obtain one is by winning it. I won a 650S, and i am very happy with it, even if i know i won’t obtain Shax’s Agera. To do that, you need a faster car, and there are many, it depends just on how much do you want to pay.